Life is like a Rocket, not evert part stays with you as you reach your final stages but it all counted then , it still counts now . Enjoy what you have while you have it and remember the mission” - Aj Angels

Aj Angels


Alex J Angels; otherwise known as Aj Angels is a melodic R&B , Pop singer who likes to be creative with his sounds and also rap as well. Born in Queens , NY and then moved down to Denver , CO at an early age. Aj has a unique sound and style that he credits to his foreign roots and family coming from West Africa. Lotto his first single which was produced by Aj's brother Zaysoundz (Isaiah)garnered over 100,000 streams in not too long; Aj's music got some attention on soundcloud which then led to more singles and collaborations with industry producers and also being featured on a track that featured Riff Raff and himself . Stay tuned , he won’t stop asking what’s next .
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